Jezra's coffee picture 2024-02-08


In February of 2011, I was given a Sony camera that was dropped in a cup of coffee. A few smacks against the wall, and the camera was mostly working. Not wanting to let the technology go to waste, I bought the cable required to get images off of the camera and an idea was born.

On March 23, 2011 the cable arrived and thus began coffee.jezra: a coffee a day photo project.

On October 9th 2011, I lost the Sony camera while celebrating after the US Nation Beard and Mustache Championships (my sideburns didn't win), and I started using a semi-working Kodak camera my sister gave me a few years ago.

On December 1st 2011, I started using a Nokia N900, which not only takes the pictures, but also resizes the image, edits the text, and uploads the text and image to my server, and backs up my images; all thanks to Linux.

On September 13th 2016, I ported the image processing scripts for my n900 to work in termux on Android/Cyanogenmod.

For everyone I've had coffee with, for everyone who I'd like to have coffee with, and for the coffee buddies that are no longer with us, this is for you.